Distribution Rules & Statute

Internal regulations regarding the declaration of musical works and the allocation of the remunerations (Starting with April 1st, 2019)
UCMR-ADA Statute
Administration Rate
UCMR-ADA’S royalties payment terms to foreign CMOs
Calendar regarding UCMR-ADA’s payment terms for royalties to foreign collective management societies
UCMR-ADA’s Transparency Report 2020
UCMR-ADA’s Transparency Report 2019
UCMR-ADA’s Transparency Report 2018

Tariffs & Methodologies

Internet Tariff – ORDA Decision no. 204/2011
Live Performances Tariff – ORDA Decision no. A 189/2010
Cable Tariff – ORDA Decision nr. 327 / 2010.
Cinema Tariff – ORDA Decision nr. 442 / 2006.

Phonograms & Video Carriers
The final form of the methodology regarding phonograms.
Video Carriers:
Decision no 223/2011 — Published in Official Gazette, Part I, no. 526 in 26 / 07 / 2011 drafting the final form of the Methodology regarding remuneration that represent patrimonial right of the authors for reproduction and distribution of musical works on audiovisual recordings
Decision no 138/2009 — Published in Official Gazette, part I, no. 910 since 24 / 12 / 2009 Regarding remunerations that represents copyright patrimonial rights for reproduction on video carriers of musical works, use inside audiovisual works, others than musical clips, concerts and audiovisual recordings of composers / bands biographies.

TV & Radio Tariffs
TV Tariff — ORDA Decision nr. 170 / 2007
Methodology regarding the use of musical works through broadcasting by radio broadcasters – ORDA’s Decision no 6/2018

Law no 8 / 1996
Law no 8 / 1996 regarding copyright and neighboring rights.